Posted by: angmlr007 | 30/03/2011

Ten Things I’ve Learnt about Love

I am bored (and short of time) today, so I shall do a short post about something different. Here goes.

Ten things I’ve learnt about ‘Love’:

  1. Love is blind
  2. Love takes reason and throws it out of the window
  3. Love makes you do a lot of silly things
  4. Love is a drug: You can’t get enough of it, and you are always coming back for more.
  5. The more you try to explain Love, the less you understand it
  6. Love is powerful. It gives the weak strength to overcome, and cripple the strongest of men with its loss
  7. Love is a journey taken by two bodies in one soul, and two minds in one heart.
  8. Love is unconditional.
  9. In love, there is no ‘you and me’. There is only ‘we’.
  10. Love is fragile: Lose control, and it shatters forever.

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