Posted by: angmlr007 | 24/03/2011

Why I Still Keep my Old Blog

I started my old blog on Blogspot in February 2005, joining the trend followed by many secondary school students during the pre-Facebook/pre-Twitter days. Most of my friends then maintained a blog either on blogspot or xanga, and we would blog about our day-to-day happenings, events, emotions, rants, etc. After writing my post for the day, I would visit my friends’ blogs to catch up on how their day has gone, and maybe leave behind a tag on their tagboards – similar to how we visit our friends’ Facebook Walls today. Ah, those were the days.

Now, blogging is history, and most of my friends have quit blogging (or left their blogs to rot). Most of them have closed their accounts and their many blog entries are gone forever. However, my old blog still stands, along with 99% of its original, unedited posts. Sometimes people find it strange why I have decided to keep the blog there, even though I have already migrated to WordPress and nobody visits my Blogspot anymore. Well, here are some of my reasons for leaving that old blog online:

It’s like a Massive Story Book… with endless amount of content

Needless to say, I’ve written over a thousand posts on my old blog (1216 posts to be exact), with majority of the posts being written during my NUSHS days (2005 to 2008). Every time I open up my blog, I just pick a random month and year and I have a nice, healthy number of posts to read. Imagine an anime with several arcs, each containing multiple chapters, many side stories, and countless number of filler content. It gives me a great laugh each time I flip through it and reminisce about the old days: about good times with friends, my glory days, the times I was emo and sad. The diverse amount of content baffles me. It’s like watching those Taiwanese dramas with an insane number of episodes. You get my drift.

Yeah, seriously. Too damn long. Too many fillers

It’s a constant reminder of my past, that I can never shake off

Some people choose to hide their ugly past and move on into the future without it. I, on the other hand, beg to differ. Instead of shunning the past like a contagious disease, I embrace it with all eagerness. Each time I read my old posts, I will remember many important things I’ve laid down years ago: who I once was, who I aspire to be, my principles and morals, what I stand for, etc. Sometimes, when I am lost and in need of inspiration, I look back to these posts I have once written for myself for strength and affirmation to the cause I believe in. For example, each time I wonder if my rejection of the offer to study medicine in NUS is worth it, I would read my old posts to see where I have come from, and remind myself of the reasons why I dropped the offer in the end.

The many lessons hidden between the lines

Personally, I discover that I learn best through every mistake I make. Every thing that I have done wrong, there is always a lesson of value to take home, and back in the day, I would record most of my problems on my blog. Each time I read a post about a certain problem I was facing, I would be refreshed on the pain I had to go through, and the trouble it took me to solve and get over it. The many lessons that have shaped who I am today are a result of my past, and my blog is a testimony to those lessons. How I got over my broken BGRs, how my care and concern got misunderstood by a friend, the many occasions when I felt jealous of someone superior to me, the times I felt inferior, how my arrogance has earned my bad rep among my friends, and so on.

Intellectual Sludge and Rubbish

Believe it or not, but I wrote quite a lot of “intellectual sludge” inside some of my blog posts: posts that were more serious in nature and addressed important concerns, interesting scraps of knowledge and information, poems, and more. Sometimes, that sludge, reviewed by myself years later, might be useful for me later on. Some of the poems I’ve published on this blog were written by myself years ago on my blog spot. Perhaps one day I will look back and find something important amid the “trash”. Who knows?

… and so that I can get a good laugh over it

No shit, that was me (center) in 2005: Shirt tucked in, nerdy face, pen hooked on shirt. Gawd.

Seriously. I know it’s a bit strange, but it’s a great way for me to de-stress and take my thoughts away reminiscing about the past. I suppose it isn’t as much fun to read for others, but reading it is like playing my life’s movie inside my head, over and over again…

But I am starting to wonder if I should password-protect my blog. Hmm… nah. I don’t really care I think. I think taking it off the search engines and blog listings is enough for now. In the meantime, life goes on…



  1. haha the days. from when we couldn’t stand each other to now when i can’t imagine life if i never knew you. :)

  2. Yup agree with you, that’s why I keep my old blog too. =) Even thou my blog certainly won’t have as much content as yours~

  3. Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as though
    you relied on the video to make your point. You obviously know what youre talking about,
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