Posted by: angmlr007 | 18/03/2011

Poem – Give Your Dad a Hug

This idea started off when I came home after work one day and walked past my dad working at his desk. Hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as I’ve had writing it

Give Your Dad a Hug

I came back home from work one day
Exhausated and dead beat.
I opened the door and stepped inside
And found myself a seat.

To take my shoes and wet socks off
And air my smelly feet.
Picking myself up and moving in,
It was my Dad I first meet.

He said, “Hi son, how’s your day?”
Like every other day.
“Fine,” I mumbled. I took no notice
As my dad slowly turned his head.

I walked right past him, not giving a care,
I needed a well-earned break.
I had my patience tested today.
And I’m suffering a back ache.

I chucked my dirty linen in the wash,
And wiped myself dry.
I came out from the shower room
And saw my Dad outside.

“Son, you must be really hungry.
I’ve bought you some hot food.
It’s in the kitchen, help yourself
Before it all gets cooled.”

Same old story, every day.
I didn’t give a damn.
I walked right past him, without a word.
I had nothing for the old man.

I picked up my food, chicken rice with egg,
And came to the dining room.
And spotted my Dad, all alone,
Eating his chicken rice too.

I walked behind him, taking a seat
In the chair on his right hand side.
But what caught my eye’s attention
Was what was right behind.

Oh Dad, when was the last time
That I stared down at your scalp?
Your hair, once radiant and silky black,
Is grey and growing bald.

I finally sat down and started to eat.
Looking for my drink can.
Glancing around, only to find,
It was resting in Dad’s hand.

I took the can with a little shock, Dad!
What has happened to you?
Your hands, once young and dexterous,
Have aged through and through.

You smiled and gestured me to eat.
But I stared straight in your face.
Unblemished and pristine, long ago.
It is no longer the case.

I can clearly see, behind those eyes,
Years of sadness and torment.
That smile of yours can’t hide away
The scars of decades of resentment.

You finished your food, stood up and said,
“Now, where did I put my specs?”
You looked left and right, up and down
But didn’t see it right there.

“In front of you! It’s right there!”
I exclaimed, choking with laughter.
But the laughter quickly died when I realized
He could not see what he was after.

Age has caught up with my old man,
His sight is poor and gone.
His dexterity and nimbleness
Were things now far beyond.

I picked up those metal frames,
And placed them in his hands.
“Oh thank you Son, now I can read.
And then retire to my bed.”

He hobbled his way to the bedroom
Wincing with every step.
With every footfall, a sharp pain comes
As if he was stepping in traps.

Because the body is weak, and organs are failing.
Symptoms begin to surface.
But my Dad is strong, he won’t admit
That his body is losing the race.

Watching him suffer, I shed a tear,
Not only for him, but for myself.
What kind of son have I been for him?
How I wish I could help.

But there is nothing else I could do,
So before he went to sleep.
I rushed right into his arms
And hugged him and weeped.

“I’m sorry, Daddy, for all I’ve done wrong
And what I’ve failed to do.
You love me so much, and I want you to know
That I love you dearly too.”


Disclaimer: I did not hug my dad. I still don’t know how to do it. Otherwise, the rest reflect my feelings towards my Dad. I wish one day he would know and understand how much he means to me.



  1. This is very moving. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Hug your Dad while you still can. My Dad died 4 months ago, and although we exchanged many hugs during his lifetime, I wish I could give him just one more hug…

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