Posted by: angmlr007 | 10/03/2011

Poem – “What You Should Have Known”

I found this poem while trawling through my old blog. Unlike “The Cold Within”, this poem was written by me, in dedication to a friend who was close to me once (note the word “was”). It’s been a while since we last spoke with each other, and I am not sure how he is doing now. Anyway, it doesn’t matter to me. What matters is the lesson to take away from this poem.

I titled it “What You Should Have Known”, because it conveyed a series of thoughts that I wanted to say to that friend of mine, but never really told him straight in the face. He was a self-centered, rich, snobbish, and weird guy, and was blaming everyone around him for what he is today. Well, enough talk. Here’s the poem.


Photo by Veljaa (Flickr)

If you have excess riches and wealth,
Don’t splurge and waste it away.
Spread the gold among those who lack it
And let that make their day.

If you have blood running inside you,
Don’t hoard it within yourself.
Let it flow into the veins of others
For the sake of their good health.

If you complain your cup’s half-empty,
Then it’s time to think again.
Thousands die from dehydration,
Be content with what you’ve claimed

If you believe you are imperfect
Then imperfect you’ll always be
Even if you weren’t, nobody cares,
Unless you’re the best that you can be.

If you think this world is selfish,
Then go re-examine your view
For One is World, and World is One.
Selfishness starts with you.

Blame Eve for taking the forbidden fruit
Blame Adam for the fall of Man
But we do what humanity does best
And make do with what we can.

For the world is never perfect
And our hearts are dark and cold
But ultimately the one who triumphs
Is the one with the heart of gold.

So if you think you got what it takes
To make the world a better place
All good things start right from you
So stop bothering about your face


(modified slightly to correct for grammatical mistakes and improve poem flow)


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