Posted by: angmlr007 | 28/02/2011

Featured On “Mondocheesemonster // Photography”!

My friend Chris decided to feature me and my blog on his website, and has kindly written an article about me. Do check out the article on his site, Mondocheesemonster // Photography.

I love his photos. They are a constant source of inspiration for me to work on

I met Chris (Full name: Christopher Chien) during my active NS days with HQ 2 PDF, where he is still currently working at now and awaiting ORD in April 2011 – which means pretty soon! He is a photography hobbyist, and has been working on his art for more than a year now. Over the past few months, he’s been working very hard to put together his photography website, so that he can share the knowledge he has picked up with his readers. I’ve personally read through all his basic tutorials and articles, and I must say that I’ve seen no one else put the essential basics on photography more concisely than he did. A MUST-READ for all beginner photographers!

He has an excellent set of photos on his Flickr too. Feel free to add him as a contact and be inspired!


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