Posted by: angmlr007 | 09/02/2011

Purpose of This Blog

Got off to a good start yesterday by posting my first post using this new blog. Although I’ve yet to get used to the WordPress layout, I think that I am getting used to it already. If only the dashboard wasn’t so white.

Anyway, as the title of this post mentions, I shall attempt to narrow down and pin-point the purpose of this blog. To be honest, when I told myself that I wanted to revive blogging, I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to talk about.


Photo by Marco Bellucci


So, being the nerdy me, I decided I should start from the WordPress Zero-to-Hero Guide. Most of the information was useful, no doubt about that, but what really caught my eye was the third chapter, about “Getting Focused“. I decided to try out the brainstorming activity on the page, so I whipped out my trusty yellow notebook and started scribbling my ideas on the next few pages. The first step was to create a mind-map sketch of ideas revolving around the question “Why I’d like to have a blog?” in 60 seconds. Here are the results:



This is the first time I drew a stick-man in this fashion


Feeling quite energized, I decided to proceed to do the next mind-map sketch for the next minute. This time, however, the question is centered around what are my motivations, interests and passions. And I got down to writing:

It’s a smiley face this time, because it’s supposed to be a “mini-me”


Then it occurred to me that this can’t be a summary of all my passions, because if it was, that would be quite sad. I suppose I had more interests, but didn’t manage to pen it down in that 60 seconds.

Anyway, there was supposed to be a final portion where I combine the contents of the first page and the second page together to get a better view of what my blog can be centered about, and I was given 120 seconds to do it. Well, lets just say that I didn’t quite get what the hell I was supposed to do there, so I didn’t upload the results of my brainstorming for that segment.

Feeling quite sad that I could not complete the brainstorming activity, I made an attempt to improvise, and came up with a list of possible blog topics that I may write about in the weeks to come. I won’t post the titles here yet, because I hate the idea of promising something first and being unable to deliver later. However, based on my above picture, I believe you can get a rough idea of what I might write about in the next few posts.


Although I didn’t manage to isolate a particular topic or niche area that this blog will be exploring into, I have, however, identified some things that this blog will be and will NOT be.

This blog will be about:

  • My thoughts. My opinions.
  • Sharing the interesting things I see
  • Posts accompanied with as many pictures as I can find (credits to Nick Shell for the inspiration)
  • Topics related to my interests
  • Writing in a professional manner befitting of an adult

This blog will NOT be about:

  • Personal ranting (if you refer to my old blog, you will understand what I mean)
  • Promoting any religion
  • Fame (although I mentioned it during my brainstorming)
  • Emotional issues
  • Spam of short, useless posts


In addition, I’ve underlined some basic rules for this blog:

  • No profanities, or nudity.
  • Post at least once a day (whenever possible)


So what is the purpose of this blog? I guess the title summarizes everything. My Mind. My Thoughts. My Words.



Footnote: Flickr makes for an excellent source of photos.



  1. OK. I like your blog a lot. Good use of photos. I am inspired too. Haha. Shall credit you when I get around to do it. :D

    • Haha thanks for the compliments. I’ve Nick Shell to thank for that. See my first post and the link to his blog and you’ll get what I mean. Simple advice, yet it meant so much to me.

  2. ooh. i think my mind, my thoughts, my words has a nicer kick to it than the one on your title. just mu 2 cents.

    • Haha thanks for the feedback dude, but I think I’ll let this stick for a while until I can come up with something better. Anyway, I got my next post typed out hours before deadline! Yay to anti-procrastination! =)

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