Posted by: angmlr007 | 07/02/2011

First Post

*knock knock*

Hello World.

It’s good to be back blogging.

OK, so here I am, back again to write stuff online. I guess it has been a while since I did that properly. However, this time, I’m continuing my blogging on a WordPress instead of Blogspot. The reason? Somehow WordPress seems to give a more professional feel to blogging, and I think I’ve grown out of writing the random musing of an adolescent, so clearly portrayed in my original blog on Blogspot – a blog that has lasted me a good half a decade. Hopefully, the transition to this new portal would bring a fresh start to my writing.

OK fine. My inspiration came from this particular blog: Nick Shell really impressed me with one of his posts on reality, and since reading that post, I’ve decided to add his RSS feed onto my Rockmelt browser. Haha never knew I would get back to reading blogs again. Perhaps this is one way I can keep myself away from Facebook and Twitter.

I happened to read his post on how to have a successful blog. The link to the post is here:

Now you know why I chose WordPress. Haha whoops.

Haha thank goodness WordPress has a word counter on their posting page. It’ll help me keep track of the length of my posts, and prevent me from writing too long an entry each day.

OK I think this shall be all for a first post. I’ll see how I can make my content more focused as the days go by.



  1. Wow, thanks :)

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